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  • Hospital Theatre Automated Sliding Door
  • Hospital Theatre Automated Sliding Door

Many of Australia’s Hospitals, Theatres, Operating Suites and Medical facilities have proven the benefits of Remax doorway and barrier solutions. Whether it is to maintain critical positive air pressure in an operating theatre, or to meet the scrutiny of an external health and safety audit, Remax doors shine in the many applications presented by Australia’s healthcare sector.

Engineered to last! The REMAX range of Traffic doors have been designed and engineered for use in harsh and heavy duty applications, where standard door systems fail. The unique ‘clean design’, aluminium and stainless steel hardware, and non-painted finishes make the doors ideally suited to many Healthcare Facility environments such as Hospitals, Theatre Suites, Medical Facility, Private Consultation Rooms, Dentists, Operating Theatres, Pharmaceutical Plants, Laboratories, Laundries, and Kitchens etc.

When it needs to be easy to clean, use and maintain; most hospitals and health facilities will choose Remax Hospital Sliding Theatre Doors.

Hospital Sliding Door

Product Features

  • Full surround rubber doors seals, forms an impregnable barrier when doors are closed, maintaining positive pressure required by operating theatres.
  • Almost 50% lighter than a standard wooden swing door, making it easier for busy staff and sick patients to move from one area to another.
  • Unlike wooden doors, Remax 4500 Series will not splinter, will not absorb moisture (and therefore mould/bacteria), will not deteriorate over time and never requires painting. Ensuring easier sterilization and aseptic operating conditions from doorways which are, ironically, one of the busiest and most heavily handled furnishings in a healthcare facility.
  • Thermal Value Comparable with 100mm Polystyrene Panel.
  • Range of standard colors that will not fade, and maintain attractive appearance in all environments.
  • Save space with sliding doors - they do not require the additional opening space nor do they need to keep an area free around around the door for opening space as they can be mounted flat against a wall. 
  • Double glazed window included in door panel as standard.
  • Option to incorporate honeycomb blinds and signage into double glazed windows.
  • Self supporting mounting system does not rely on structural integrity of doorway/walls.
  • Large spring impact buffers and kickplates can be fitted to lower section for effective absorption of hard-hitting traffic and scuffing.


St John of God

Buffer Options

Polymer Kick Plates

Flat kick plates for light trolley traffic through hospital doorways. Prevents scratching and gouging of the lower door panel. Available in Ultra Grey and Black.

Stainless Steel Kick Plates

Where an ultra clean finish, and durable protection is required. All fixings are stainless steel, and fitted flush with a Kick Plate to ensure a smooth surface. The stainless steel also handles corrosive cleaning materials and maintains a clean, hygienic and shiny surface.

Hospital stainless steel Kickplates

Window Option

Standard window size is 750H x 250W, with double-glazed polycarbonate window with a 45° bevelled frame, and recessed screws on one-side of the frame for ease of cleaning, and resistance to particle build-up.

A: Window frames available in black, yellow and white.
B: Windows available in clear, frosted, or with embedded honeycomb blinds / signage.
C: Double windows can be fitted per leaf

4500 Series Hopsital Theatre Door

Full Vision Window with Honeycomb Blinds

Double Glazed Glass Vision Panels with Integrated Block-Out Honeycomb Blinds for complete privacy where you need it most. Custom sizes are made to order and panels can be manufactured using a broad range of glass types and frame finishes.

Our double glazed vision panels are an anti ligature design and made from toughened glass integrating block-out blinds with magnetic operation. The blind is incorporated into the window itself to prevent dust build-up and additional cleaning requirements. 

Honeycomb window blinds create a clean, neat design to allow for privacy when required, while allowing full vision through doors when open. 

Hospital Sliding Door

Panel Colour Options


Embedded Signate Options

Enhance your image, boost your awareness and ensure personnel and patients are kept safe from hazards - have your message embedded into the double-glazed windows of your door.

Our unique process of embedded signage will remain readable for the life of the door panel. It cannot be removed or damaged. Compare this to an unprotected sticker or a paper sign attached to the door.

We stock a selection of standard wording and pictograms for your OH&S requirements or for access restriction awareness. For an entirely custom made sign, provide your logo artwork.

Your logo, your message - it's your image.



The 4500 Hospital Theatre Sliding Door features a lightly textured one-piece polymer door panel that has been high density filled with non-CFC urethene foam for maximum durability and insulation quality. The panel has no gaps or joins, and is impervious to moisture and acid/petroleum products. Unlike the heavy, wooden hospital doors so commonly used in medical facilities today.

With color evenly impregnated through the 4mm thick polymer skin, the 4500 series door will never require painting, and retains its clean attractive appearance for the life of the door.All doors are standard with double glazed polycarbonate windows, recessed for protection and providing exceptional visibility for pedestrians

Full surround seals maintain positive pressure required by operating theatres (operating theatre, operating room or operating suite) and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) labs. To maintain positive pressure the room should be sealed to prevent egress of air.

Hospitals may have positive pressure rooms for patients with compromised immune systems. Air will flow out of the room instead of in, so that any airborne microorganisms (e.g., bacteria) that may infect the patient are kept away as well as prevention of dust, insect and contaminant intrusion.