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For Apartment Buildings, Hotels and Shopping Centres, underground carparks call for high-volume traffic control, and a secure, lockable perimeter. Providing access to the likes of car elevators, car stackers, and impatient hotel patrons, reliable and low-maintenance door solutions for Underground Carparks are a priority. Tough, durable and secure access doors can mean the difference between 5 stars, and an angry Yelp review!


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The Compact Sectional Door is a house favourite for Apartment, Hotel and Shopping Centre Underground Carpark applications. With endless customisation options and a guarantee for reliability and low-maintenance, the Compact Door adds that luxurious finish, whilst making for smooth, trouble-free traffic flow.

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Maximise Limited Space 

Accommodate High-Volume Traffic

Provide Security

Low Maintenance

Quiet Operation 

Minimal Headroom Requirements

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Want to see something similar? Check out this Car-Park Entry opening on an Apartment complex, and see how our Compact Sectional Doors provide both security and ease of access to this building, with a stunning 3D-printed glass finish.