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No, you're not seeing things. We have a new logo!

Late last year we had a good look at who we are, who you (our customers) are and the alignment with your needs and the way you prefer to do business.

We think our logo update reflects a brand that is a Customer-obsessed, agile to your unique requirements, and genuinely caring about the people we get to work with.

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Rapid door provides hygiene control for food & beverage facility

Controlling temperatures and preventing dust & pest entry

Family-owned Mandole Orchards is the first single origin almond milk producer in Australia, with a commitment to low-impact farming, and caring for the environment. In 2020, Mandole finished an exciting new expansion to their premises to meet the needs of their growing industry and innovative production methods.

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Rapid door improves warehouse temperature control

World-class local factory finds efficiency improved

From their factory in Dandenong South, Remax client Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) have supplied artificial turf for hockey fields for the last five Olympic games. Theirs is a great Australian manufacturing success story – yet recently they had run into issues with their factory roller door. 

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How better employee comfort can improve warehouse productivity

Why your warehouse doors can improve efficiency and  employee retention

Staff in a large manufacturing facility or warehouse will tell you that temperature control in these areas is commonly forgotten and that the working conditions can often be uncomfortable during the cold winters and/or hot summer days.

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Taking Care of Us while Taking Care of You

Factory News: Taking Care of Backs

In the factory at the Remax Doors Headquarters, we tested our new overhead cranes on the Movichill production line, ensuring that our team are supported while they look after the production of doors for our customers.

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Your Mental Health During Lock-Down

Feeling Anxious? You are not alone!

In times of restrictions and uncertainty its OK to feel anxious. Here’s a five tips to help with your mental health today.

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Waste Management Facilities and Five Issues and Solutions

More than a year after China stopped accepting 99% of the world’s recycling, halting the export of more than one million tonnes of Australian waste each year; waste management here in Australia has had a lot of thinking to do to resolve the waste issue at hand and come up with a solution for the ever-increasing waste.

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How airlocks can control temperature and maintain hygiene in a food processing plant

What are airlocks?

An airlock is typically identified as a small room or compartment within a building, that permits the access of pedestrians or vehicles between two rooms of varying temperatures or atmospheric environments.

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Why Movidor can handle knocks from forklifts when most other doors cannot

See how a competitor's door was damaged by a hasty forklift driver

We recently came across a newly installed rapid door from a competitor, which had been driven into by a speedy forklift driver. Even though the door was nearly new and had cost them $25,000+ to install, it's now a write off, requiring full replacement.

Unsurprisingly, this competitor's rapid door is being replaced with one of Remax's self-repairing Movidor RRDs. Here's the story.

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4 Must-haves of underground carpark or basement entry garage doors

Tips to help you select the ideal entry door

The average person may not even think twice about, or have much to do with, the doors allowing them access in to their underground car parking spot.

And whether the door is below their apartment or office block, that's how it should be: easy for the user.

By contrast, the decision makers responsible for choosing the right door for the underground carpark (predominantly the architect or builder), must ensure that safety, ease of use, and aesthetics are all taken care of right at the very start of the building and planning process. 

It's a big responsibility. 

Here are the four must-haves to bear in mind when choosing the ideal underground carpark entry door. 

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Compact sectional doors verses standard roller shutters

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