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Safety Factors for Rapid Roller Doors: 4 Points to Consider

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Choosing a rapid roller door for your warehouse is important because it is so closely tied to safety. If every opening posed a possible threat – to the safety of your staff, equipment, or goods, then you would struggle to comply with the strict OH&S standards that apply to you.

Make sure you have the following 3 areas of safety covered when it comes to the roller doors in your warehouse:

1. Training of your staff.

Operators of vehicles such as forklifts need sufficient training in how they should approach roller doors without collisions. It may sound simple, but all too often, forklift drivers miscalculate the speed at which the doors open and shut. The possibility of accidental damage is further amplified by the fact that automatic doors may close without warning.

Not only is a lack of training bad for your equipment, your staff could get seriously injured. For example, in 2008 a West Australian worker who had little training and no qualifications had to have his leg amputated because of an accident involving a forklift colliding with a roller door.

Some of the smarter high speed doors available today such as the Movidor HS35, are fitted with integrated traffic lights that provide tangible indicators for management to train staff in the safe operation of the doors. The operator can be given the confidence that the opening is safe to pass through when the traffic light is green, -or instructed to wait if the lights are red or flashing.

2. Visibility of (and sometimes through) your doors.

It’s important for your doors to be visible – especially if yours is a high-traffic warehouse. Not only visible in the sense that oncoming traffic can see when the door is up or down but also a key point to consider is to have clear vision panels within the door so that traffic have notice of on coming traffic. 

PVC strip doors are seen to be a good option for applications requiring visibility a cheap barrier for easy access. However, they are susceptible to scratching, and strong winds. A Rapid Roller Door provides efficient and fast access, as well as a better seal against the outdoor elements. Roller doors are also fitted with clear, scratch-resistant panels within the door structure itself to provide vision on both sides of the door. That way, vehicle operators will be able to see if there are any potential hazards or people in their path.

3. Ability to endure harsh environmental conditions.

Extreme weather conditions can cause damage to your doors over time. Are your doors robust enough to face the harsh winds that affect certain parts of Australia?

For example, in Western Australia, winds can reach speeds of 150 km/hr, causing doors to buckle as result. You may need a more heavy-duty model or custom wind-bars if your warehouse is in such a high-wind area, so it’s important to check when you’re narrowing down your requirements for roller doors. Also make sure that you tell your supplier if you experience high winds so that they can recommend the correct product for your application.

Also ensure that you mention if your doors need to be sensitive to temperature or moisture control. 

4. Rapid Door LED Traffic Lights

Some Rapid Door manufacturers offer additional safety systems such as the Movidor Rapid Door which can be Integrated with LED Traffic Lights which show when the door is free of oncoming traffic (or not).

Integrated Traffic Lights protect doors and employees against accidents and costly damages by providing an early detection system for approaching traffic. 

The Traffic Lights emit a friendly Blue ‘ready’ status, providing illumination of the doors perimeter – especially welcome in darker warehouses. On detection of approaching traffic, or as soon as the door begins to open, the Traffic Lights immediately switch to Red to warn any unseen traffic approaching from the other side of the door.
image4.jpg Integrated Traffic Lights
Once the door is fully open, the Traffic Lights switch to Green, indicating safe passage through the doorway.




Remember that these kinds of considerations – training, visibility, traffic lights and environmental conditions – may seem insignificant now, but keeping them in mind could save you a lot of money in the long run.
You need to properly evaluate your warehouse to determine whether you could benefit from installing roller doors – and, if so, what kind of roller door would work best for your business.

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