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4 Things About Rapid Doors Your Boss Wants To Know

How do you know that you are getting suitable Rapid Doors for the site?

And more so, how do you sell your preferred product to the boss?

the boss.jpg

The ultimate reason as to why we invest in products comes down to three areas. This is no different for industrial products such as High Speed Rapid Doors.


1. Does it solve your problem?

we-solve-your-problems.jpgThe prime question is, is it going to be useful or does it solve the issue at hand? This is the logical starting point. In our experience, there are predominantly eight main 'problems' or issues which clients have. 

The reason why clients look for Rapid Doors and the most common issues faced by our clients usually come down to:

Issue / Problem Solution
Maintaining Internal Temperatures

Decreasing the amount of time that an access door is left open in between use

Efficiency of everyday processes

Automated doors which open/close automatically and decrease the amount of time waiting for doors to open/close

Dust, Wind and Pest Control

Closely relates to the two issues above - as the shorter time that doors are left open, there is less amount of time for pests / dust to get into your site. 

Access Control / Privacy

Close off an area of the site or prevent areas of your site from being open whilst unattended.

Hygiene Control

Help to prevent cross-contamination between different production areas by way of segregating production zones but still allowing movement through each area.  

Asset Protection

Additional safety features on the Movidor High Speed Door provide a safer product for forklift users, such as the integrated LED Traffic Lights and additional safety features such as the installation of Poly Bollards on each side of the doorway, assist to prevent damage to the doorway frame itself.  Flexible Poly Bollards were designed specifically with forklift users in mind to prevent damage not only to the forklift itself, as they absorb the impact, but to the site as well.

Refurbishment / Upgrade

Movidor rapid doors are often reviewed and tested by the Remax team and improvements are implemented to create a better product for clients. Older Rapid Doors will often cost more money in the long term with maintenance issues. Upgrading to a new product will often help to save maintenance costs down the line - such as the implementation of a soft, safety edge which helps to resist impact, rather than the metal edge which many older Rapid Doors were built with and on impact - can cause production delays and seriously damage both the equipment which has impacted the door as well as the doorway itself. 

The Movidor Rapid Door range caters for a variety of issues, offering a suite of products such as an economical Movidor ES40 to the standard Rapid Door HS25, HS35, HS65 range all the way to a thermal option, the Movidor Thermic Insulated Rapid Door. By offering a range of High Speed Rapid Doors ultimately provides more than solution, rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

2. Does it save you money?

save you money.jpgThis point ties in very closely with no.1 above. Especially if the issue at hand relates to increasing the efficiency and maintaining internal temperatures on site.

Maintaining Internal Temperatures

How much money is spent on your air conditioning and refrigeration?

You may not realise how often the doors are opened and in fact kept open, in which case, conduct a short survey keeping mind the time of year - does site activity increase during winter / summer / autumn?

Movidor Rapid Doors offer an opening speed of up to 2.0m per second and offer automated opening and closing, eliminating the need to wait for a door open as well as the need for someone to physically open and close the door throughout the day. The other advantage to automated opening and closing is that doors are not left open, unintentionally, which then make way for:

- Loss in Efficiency; every day processes taking too long to complete
- Dust, Wind and Pests
- Access Control / Privacy
- Hygiene Control

4. What does it cost?

The all-important question! Many financial decisions are made on the outlay required for the initial purchase. The astute Maintenance Manager will realise that purchase price is often a small portion of total cost of ownership, with the possiblity that a bargain today will cost many times its purchase price in maintenance and repairs over the life of the asset.

Akubra-resized-600.jpgAlways take into account repairs and maintenance as part and parcel of the total cost of ownership and that products purchased overseas will often require overseas parts and therefore the cost is higher when you consider the postage costs and transit times, not to mention that the quality may not be to an Australian Standard.  

Can overseas products / parts manage our Australian conditions? Has it been tested under Australian conditions?

Movidor Rapid Doors are Australian made and tested with local knowlege under Australian conditions and access to parts and servicing can often save many headaches later down the line.

3. Does it make you smarter?

smarter business.jpg

Innovative products work in two ways - for both your site and/or your operations to, potentially, operate smarter. 

Movidor Rapid Doors are a great addition to a fast-paced site which require efficient access from a mixture of traffic including pedestrians, forklifts and delivery vehicles.

One of the concerns for bosses may be in relation to ongoing repairs and maintenance. Read one of our previous posts on Repairs and Maintenance of Rapid Doors to give you some indication of what you may pay for ongoing repairs and maintenance of Rapid Doors and what you can expect to build into your annual budget.

Being upfront about the maintenance costs, can help to minimise any unwelcome surprises later on. By keeping a log of the maintenance costs of your current doors as well as lost time due to lack of efficiency as well as loss of energy through manually opened doors - you could really put together a positive case for upgrading to new, faster, safer doors. 

Keep an eye on the Remax website for details on a new website tool, due to be launched in the next couple of months, which will help to calculate your return on investment and provide comparisons between your current door opening vs Remax Products. By entering in details of the usage of your doors on site, the tool populates a free report to assist in finding out how long it may take to recover the capital costs of your purchase in saved energy and efficiency costs.

The Report contains graphs and comparison information on:

  • What is your current opening costing you per year: broken down into an annual dollar figure as well as energy costs per month/week and consumption in kw.
  • Infiltration and conduction loads through your existing doorway and possible savings from a door replacement.
  • Energy consumption variation due to infiltration and conduction loads for a week in mid-summer and mid-winter.
  • Comparison in energy costs between your current opening and by installing a Rapid Door. Annual cost as well as $/day and energy/day.
  • Gas / Electricity consumption due to infiltration and conduction loads of the existing doorway and future door on a weekly basis throughout the year (Before and After).
  • Cumulative cash flow graph showing cash flow position over two years if the existing door is replaced by a Remax Door.
  • Heat Load Comaprison graph - between conduction and infiltration loads for the existing and future door. 

If you would like to register your interest in being contacted once the ROI tool is available, please register here.  

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Sample Energy Calculator Report Below.

Report Image_.png


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