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5 Smart Reasons to Consider Service Agreements

Service Agreements are often offered by suppliers as an initiative to prevent major repairs down the track - as an initiative to catch any unseen issues before they cause bigger problems. Of course, regular servicing can be seen as an additional cost but the value in honouring a service agreement far outweighs the alternative.

In this blog we discuss 5 Smart Reasons to implement Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements for your Automatic equipment such as high speed doors.


This minimises the risk of equipment malfunction, and obtains a level of operation that will ensure longer service life for the door. This can also mean ensuring that when the equipment is running, it is running at design speed and capacity.

When focusing only on maintenance, many companies set goals in terms of uptime. However, they do not realize, as they move into this aspect of maintenance, that the equipment may be running at only 50% or 60% of capacity. Thus, understanding design capacity and speed ultimately is more important than measuring uptime.

It is vital that the maintenance engineer consults at a technical level with the manufacturers' service team concerning equipment or work-related problems. This consultation may be about advanced troubleshooting, recommended use of the equipment, daily on-site maintenance advice or even equipment redesigns.

The manufactuers' maintenance engineer ensures that equipment is operating as close to design parameters as possible. Doing this ensures that there is no wasted production from less-than-optimal equipment capacity. So remember if you don’t measure, then you possibly don’t know your plant optimum performance.


Poorly maintained automatic operating equipment can quickly become a significant risk to operators. Regular servicing and preventative maintenance will identify any operational adjustments required before they become a safety concern. For example, automatic doors require safety systems that protect people in the event of accidental closure while a person is in the opening.

Some doors may also be fitted with Emergency Opening systems, designed to allow the door to operate in the event of a power failure. These safety systems that prevent injury or risk to people in the building or using the opening, such as Photo electric cells, light curtains or safety edges, -must always be routinely checked, and the outcome of the check recorded on the Service Report.



In order for the warranty of the product to be upheld, servicing by agreed parties within certain parameters will often have to be honoured. There is a logic to this; since the supplier knows the make-up of equipment well and holds genuine parts for their products, they can easily spot small issues and / or replace the faulty part in question, with either a new replacement or an updated part.

Often what happens when the repair is done by an unregistered party; although the repair may be cheaper and appear fine, there may be underlying issues which have not been seen, or lower quality parts may have been installed which could result in problems later on. Also, a repair by the genuine manufacturer will be second nature to them - possibly quicker repair and fewer call-outs.

For example, there are many small non-Apple-companies out there who make cheaper parts for iPhones including phone chargers and in the past, some of those chargers have been found to overheat/fault whilst charging, causing damages to the phone itself. The savings made in purchasing a cheaper charger have now resulted in bigger, more expensive issues with burnouts on phones themselves. In this case, any warranty agreement with Apple could possibly be void as a non-recognised charger was used.

To be safe - ensure that your equipment is properly designed, serviced and installed by a team that know the product.


According to the BCA; essential safety measures are the fire, life safety and health items installed or constructed in a building to ensure adequate levels of fire safety and protection from such things as Legionella over the life of the building.

Essential safety measures include all traditional building fire services such as sprinklers and mechanical services etc., but also include passive fire safety such as fire doors, fire-rated structures and other building infrastructure items such as paths of travel to exits.

This code deals with the requirements of maintenance of doorways that are constituted paths of travel to exits, and mandates periodical checks and maintenance of records of inspections.




The maintenance engineer is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate monitoring techniques are used for determining equipment conditions. This information is then given to the planner so that effective overhaul schedule can be determined. These techniques should also help eliminate unplanned maintenance downtime. The maintenance engineer may also recommend problem, cause, and action codes for properly tracking maintenance activities.


For example, the digital window on the Movidor High Speed Rapid Doors by Remax, display’s an error code when there is a problem with the High Speed Door. This means that, on most occasions, the client can call up the Remax office who are able to instruct what needs to be done. Company’s like Remax focus on enabling the site personnel to clear the fault wherever possible, through free phone support, and simple, easy to follow service manuals. This approach can save the user hundreds of dollars per year in avoided Service Calls.



The maintenance engineer will help to ensure that the company is purchasing standardized equipment. Equipment standardization reduces the number of spare parts required, the amount of training necessary, and, overall, reduces the maintenance budget.

To arrange a service schedule for your Movidor Rapid Doors, contact us to find out the recommended intervals and associated pricing. T: 1800 010 221.


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