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3 Key Considerations for Selecting High Speed Doors

high speed doors considerations

Warehouse managers who are on the hunt for high speed doors for their facilities have many kinds of high speed doors to choose from; roller doors, folding doors, security doors, and freezer doors.

However, the hard part is selecting which doors are best designed to suit your application.

In making your selection, consider the following factors:

1. Safety Requirements

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need to be able to see through the door?
  • Is there any visual or audible warning system for the door's operation?
  • Can the door injure if contacted?


In terms of door selection, visibility is a key factor in high-traffic environments. This is why PVC strip doors aren't ideal in such situations - they are highly subject to metal contact (such as that from trucks and forklifts) - so they can lose visibility over time due to scratching.

Clear, scratch-resistant panels within the door structure itself will allow vehicle operators to see if there are any potential hazards or people in their path.

Another consideration when it comes to the safety of your high speed doors is the fact that automatic doors may close without warning, thereby increasing the risk of accidental collision.

It would be prudent to look into some of the newer high speed doors that have safety features attached. For example, Movidor has an integrated traffic warning system that alerts the driver, via flashing LED lights, when a door is about to close.

2. Warehouse Traffic Requirements

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will automated vehicles be using the door?
  • Will trucks be using the door?
  • Will employee-driven vehicles be using the door?
  • How many times a day will the door need to open and close (1 cycle)?
  • What will be the best way to operate the door? Manually or automatically?
  • How is the door required to close? Manually or automatically?


Your door's ability to handle traffic is a key success factor in your investment.

First and foremost, your doors must be able to withstand collision - whether it's with a forklift, truck or person. While warehouse managers must ensure that appropriate training is provided to all staff - especially forklift drivers and vehicle operators - accidents can and do occur.

Such accidents can result in lengthy downtime, compromising the productivity of your entire operation. This is why it's so important to understand what will be involved with repairing your door if such a situation occurs.

There are high speed doors available that feature self-correcting technology, allowing the roller door to repair itself after collision. For example, Movidor high speed doors utilise a unique curtain relocation system that inserts the door curtain back into its guides in the event of accidental impact.

3. Initial and Ongoing Costs

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much will it cost to install the door?
  • How much electricity will the door require?
  • What will it cost to maintain (and how often will maintenance be required)?
  • What will be the cost to the business if the door is inoperable?
  • How much will damaged parts cost?


Having a complex door design can incur significant on-going preventative maintenance costs to keep equipment in peak operating condition. Doors fitted with counter-balance springs, pulleys and wire cables may require more ongoing maintenance than those without.

Make sure your manufacturer advises you on the average lifecycle of your equipment, as if your doors frequently need repairs, then it will drive up the total cost of ownership.

We offer a variety of high speed doors across a range of industries.

However, if you would first like to decide whether you need new doors, audit the condition of your current high speed doors with our door condition checklist:



Free Checklist: Door Condition Report

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