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Considering Roller Door Purpose for Warehouse Operations

warehouse rapid roller doors requirements

To determine what kind of roller doors you need for your warehouse, first you must look to the everyday needs of your operations.

Depending on what kind of warehouse and industrial situation you are in, you will have different requirements for your roller doors.

For example, if you are managing a cold-storage facility for a food manufacturer, you will be most concered with issues like temperature regulation and how to control temperature fluctuations by reducing the amount of time a door is left open.

Use the below 'purpose list' as a starting point for setting your requirements through considering how your roller doors will serve warehouse operations:

1. Cold/Heat loss or gain prevention

If this is the main purpose of your roller doors, consider

  • How well the door insulates
  • The airtightness of the door
  • How long the door will be open per cycle


2. Keep dirt, dust, vermin, insects and other contaminants out

When selecting your roller doors for this purpose, you must consider

  • The leakage through the door when it is closed
  • How long the door will be open per cycle


3. Keep internal pollutants, noise fumes in

For this purpose, consider

  • The acoustic rating of the door
  • The leakage through the door when it is closed


4. Improve traffic flow and productivity

Traffic management is a key priority for warehouses. If this is why you're looking to get roller doors installed, consider

  • How quickly the door will open
  • The door's typical duty cycle
  • How the door communicates to/from traffic


5. Separation of process areas

Considerations for this kind of purpose include

  • How well the door withstands washdown, chemicals
  • How well the door seals to the floor and perimeter when closed


By thinking about the purpose of your roller doors, you will make a better purchasing decision that will benefit operations, instead of holding them back by a poorly thought out choice, like one that is driven by the lowest price.

To download the complete buyer's guide to roller door selection, click on the link below:


Free Buyer's Guide: Warehouse Roller  Door Selection


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