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The Remax diaries: Big Red Vs Rapid Roller Door

By Danica Pederick

A compelling story of Big Red’s encounter  with a forklift, potatoes, and a rapid roller door. 

The following is a true story. The names have been altered to protect privacy, but the facts remain.

Philly Rogers was a fascinating individual. Nobody knew exactly how old he was, or where he lived. An abundant fiery mane erupting from his scalp had him dubbed ‘Big Red’ by his decidedly milder co-workers, who tended to scatter like mice upon any warning of his presence. A short temper and a frightening lack of common sense were some of the hallmarks of Big Red’s character – a character which Management somehow deemed fit for forklift driving. Elise, the robust Warehouse manager with the perpetual nose-drip, had made that clear.

It was a hot day. Whether hot enough to warrant the events that ensued is questionable, but needless to say, Big Red was feeling the pressure. His driving was slightly more aggressive than usual, his harrowed frown more pronounced. His co-worker’s quietly increased their clear-zone around his path.

Big Red was rumbling through Burnlard with a pallet load of freshly harvested potatoes bouncing on the tines of his forklift. Ahead of him lay a rapid roller door, designed to detect motion and roll up automatically, providing seamless and fast access for Red and his spuds to the awaiting truck outside. On well-founded assumptions that the door would open in time for his exit, - despite the obvious fact that it clearly was not going to open today -Big Red ploughed on. Straight into the closed door.

In the ensuing cacophony of noise, the forklift skidded to a stop, the potatoes left their designated pallet, and Big Red uttered an incoherent stream of expletives that sent a chill down Elise’s spine.

Cursing Burnlard, unresponsive technology and all things in the name of potatoes, Big Red exploded out of the cab to inspect the damage, hair awry and face contorted in fury. The door’s solid metal wind-bar was now bent beyond recognition, the curtain torn, the door immovable, and Big Red’s seething tirade now beginning to upset the more sensitive onlookers.

Spurred by an innate urgency to remove anything that dared obstruct his path, Red galloped off through the factory, past the confounded faces of his terrified co-workers. Returning with an angle-grinder, he began quickly making arrangements to cut the entire high speed door curtain off. Completely. Several potato-pickers voiced their concern at this point, and the dangers of mucking about with automatic doors in general. But Big Red had no time for such concern. He started cutting.

The noise was colossal. The springs tensioning the curtain exploded upwards, taking cables, sensors, and an array of electrical cables with them. The curtain recoiled violently back up to the drum and lodged deafeningly in the fascia cover, and the total destruction of the high speed door was complete.

Elise came running. Nobody had ever seen Elise run. Her ample figure hardly permitted so under normal circumstances, but these were hardly normal circumstances. Thrusting through the small throng of excited staff, she dodged the hazardous array of cables and springs, unplugged the grinder, and bellowed Big Red’s name, skilfully executing a quick nose-drip swipe as she did so. As the crowd fell silent, it was made known that Burnlard no longer had use for Big Red’s services.

And so ended the short but illustrious career of Big Red the forklift driver. Sadly, so also ended the faithful services of the warehouse high speed door.

The happy ending to this story lies with Remax. After consulting one of our staff, (and sharing this priceless story!) Burnlard were very pleased to learn that there was a door available that was smart enough to withstand forklift drivers like Big Red

If Big Red’s bad day had involved a Remax Movidor high speed door, the ending to the story may have been very different. The flexible bottom edge of the door would have released from the guides upon impact, and allowed the forklift to exit the doorway. The Movidor would have detected the impact, reversed, and reinserted the curtain automatically during its open cycle. With no moving parts, springs or cables in the columns, there is a solid chance that the accident would not have affected the operation of the door, and Big Red may have kept his job. (Which we’re not sure is a good thing, or a bad thing!)


Though Big Red would no longer terrorize the produce aisles with his forklift, Burnlard installed a Remax door immediately, and to this day extoll the benefits of a durable, self-relocating ‘Big Red-proof’ rapid roller door.

*the individual’s name and company have been changed to protect their privacy.

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