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Ensure Security and Safety in Your Commercial Space with Roller Doors

The building that houses your business is a significant investment and a barrier to unwanted entry. Break and entry, and impact damage to your property can lead to financial losses and hurt the success of your business. In some cases, the damage causes a complete disruption of company operations; critical equipment might become unusable and physical assets can quickly lose their value. Often, the weakest link in the security of your premises is your doors.

If you are looking to enhance the security of your commercial or industrial building space, one solution is to install a commercial roller shutter door system. Roller shutters comprise of horizontal metal slats that roll onto a steel drum above the doorway. The mechanism makes use of shutters and springs that provide a complete seal, preventing unwanted material from entering or escaping from the workspace. In addition to commercial uses, they are also adaptable for industrial and domestic applications, proving their capacity to enhance the security of all kinds of facilities.



Protection from Theft and Property Damage

Unexpected break-ins and burglaries can lead to significant property damage and loss, especially if you have high-value equipment or products in stock. Secure roller shutter doors offer a sturdy solution to theft and vandalism. They also deter burglary by blocking surveillance of activities in the building. Our products are made from aluminium and steel, are designed to withstand high amounts of force, and provide the primary line of defence.

Barrier Against Harsh Weather Environments

Extreme weather conditions such as rainstorms and increasingly, fires caused by heat waves and drought, can damage your property, including the entryway or loading bay.

The roller shutter system reliably operates during difficult situations such as storms and high winds. The doors utilise flexible sealing strips that compress onto the floor when closed, blocking out harmful elements and preventing damage that may result from dust, wet weather, and the infiltration of rodents, birds and bugs.

Highly Durable with Impressive Lifespan

Remax roller shutter doors are designed for heavy use in warehouses and industrial buildings. The strength of material gives our roller shutter doors a long lifespan, thereby becoming a cost-effective and durable solution for clients looking to secure their work areas. The slats are galvanised or powder coated to increase resistance to corrosion and rust, enhancing the overall durability of the roller door. A Remax shutter door, for example, has projected operational life of up to fifty years, making it a suitable option for a long-term safety and security solution.

Doorway and Barrier Solutions

At Remax, we provide doorway and barrier solutions that help improve the accessibility and security of businesses in a variety of sectors including hospitality, manufacturing and education. We offer products such as swing, rapid, sectional, insulated and roller shutter doors, air curtains, partitions and guardrails. Our high-quality doorways and barriers can withstand heavy use even in difficult environments, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. We provide a custom design that matches your need, creating a practical solution that can help secure your business.

Enquire about a roller shutter door now.  Call us on 1800 010 221 or send us an email at info@remaxproducts.com.au.

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