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How To Increase The Selling Power Of Your Showroom

Standing out in the car industry can be difficult, due to the highly saturated nature of the market. The right showroom plays an important role in enabling your firm to stand out from the crowd, attract clientele, and build a memorable customer experience. Finding aesthetic door solutions that are conducive to this goal and are both attractive as well as functionable can be a challenge, but can be vital in ensuring your customers are left with a great viewing experience. Check out our tips on how to increase the selling power of your showroom with your door solutions by reading below. 

1. Natural Light

A showroom that boasts natural lighting will instantly increase the aesthetic appeal of the space, thus increasing the attraction of potential customers. Natural light not only creates a light, open ambience, but according to science it promotes the release of a ‘happy chemical’ in the brain, - great for the cortisol levels!

For this reason, our glass sectional doors in particular, are a favourite among car showroom designers. With a variety of tinting and safety options, natural light can be maximised without compromising on privacy and security of the building. As the doors concertina up, the open door leaves can then be recessed into the ceiling in a bulkhead, completely concealing the door from the inside. Unlike standard overhead sectional lift doors, this means the open door will not impede on overhead lighting arrangements, or block the light flow from the outside.

Natural Light

Tip: Further accentuate the natural feeling of your showroom by having plenty of green foliage and plants positioned throughout.

2. Space Optimisation

Its no secret, showroom space is at a premium with the large and cumbersome nature of the cars they hold! In order to maximise the volume your showroom can hold without running the risk of the room looking cluttered, access doors that don’t impede on the showroom space are a priority.

A Compact Sectional Door asks for a very clean and small footprint on the overall design of your facility. No intrusive overhead support rails are attached to the roof structure, instead a unique concertina folding action in utilised, to push the door leaves into a compact space above the doorway.


3. Aesthetics

When you’re marketing a luxury car, it’s a no-brainer that your car showroom needs to look every bit as stunning as the cars it houses. A seamless building façade, a clean, open interior, and a consistent theme throughout the showroom will mean the difference between the impressive and the mediocre.

The ream of customisation options makes the Compact Sectional Door a dream for matching aesthetic goalposts in the building. With a wide selection of different glass tinting options as well as coloured insulated panels and a variety of finishes, the Compact Door can be matched almost seamlessly to the façade of the building, or contrasted as the design requires. With an equal range of powder-coated frame options, a silver aluminium framework could allow a transparent glass door to blend in with an overall glass building façade. Similarly, a black powder-coated frame work with dark tinted glass panels, creates a smart, stark contrast against an Alucobond cladding wall finish.


4. Noise and Temperature

Another huge contributor to the atmosphere of a car showroom interior, is the temperature and sound throughout the building. As the car purchasing experience can oftentimes be a lengthy one, its imperative that you’re creating a space that ensures your customer is comfortable. A sealed building envelope with energy efficient, well-insulated door solutions will allow you to maintain a consistent temperature, both in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. With functional, efficient operation, the Compact Sectional Door is quiet and unobtrusive during operation, unlike noisy standard garage doors.

Tip: Play some quiet music throughout the Showroom, to further build on a comfortable ambience. Try sticking to some chill pop though, - not everyone loves hard rock!!


If you need help improving the look and feel of your showroom, then the expert team at Remax Doors can help. Our glass compact doors are perfect for a range of custom applications and always provide a stunning finish. Enjoy natural lighting, space saving features and designs that can match the exterior façade of any opening. 

Call today on 1800 010 221 or send an email to info@remaxdoors.com to find out more about our service and how it can increase the selling power of your showroom. 

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What can you do to increase profitability and efficiency? Check out our free resources comparing a Compact Sectional Door to a standard roller shutter.


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