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Hygiene Control Doors for the Hospitals & Healthcare Sector

In the midst of a global pandemic, there’s a significantly greatly emphasis placed on personal and workplace hygiene, but in the hospitals and healthcare sector, hygiene control has always been imperative. Solutions and means to improving and gaining a greater level of hygiene control can range from simple sanitiser stations in the lobby, to maintaining high positive pressure values in  theatres.

With a keen desire to facilitate and enable greater environment control, Remax has developed a specialised range of automatic doors and barrier systems for the healthcare sector, making for an efficient, touch-free and hygienic operation.

Automated Doors

high speed doors for hospitals

Removing the touch points in access between rooms and facilities, is possibly the single biggest means to establishing a greater level of hygiene control within a facility. The Remax range of remote-activated hospital doors includes the Movidor high speed door range, the Coldshield hospital theatre swingdoors, as well as simple automated sliding doors.

The Movidor rapid roller door has been used in many applications throughout the healthcare sector. With the ability to be fitted with remote activation radars, the Movidor automatic rapid roller door is able to detect oncoming traffic from set parameters, enabling healthcare workers, hospital beds, trolleys, and more to easily pass through an opening, without touching a button for activation.

The Remax range of automated swingdoors have been used in some of Victoria’s largest hospitals, including the Northern Health Hospital, and the Warringal Private Hospital, to name a couple. All swingdoors and sliding doors can be either manually activated, or have the ability to be fitted with automated openers, and touch-free access operators. The Remax magic switches are a commonly used activation accessory within Hospitals. Akin to a light-switch, the flat, aesthetic pad is mounted to the wall, utilising sensors to detect hand movement without manual touch.

Pressure-resistant Doors

Hospital Theatre Doors for hygiene control in operating theatre

In hospital theatres, the air contained within the room is kept at a higher pressure than in corridors and adjacent areas. This positive pressure prevents the flow of air from less sterile areas into more sterile ones, creating a segregated hygiene area for vulnerable patients. As a result of this, the access doors to these positive pressure rooms are under a lot of tension, as the room tends to ‘suck’ the doors inwards in a vacuum effect.

The Remax range of hospital theatre doors have been developed to withstand a high level of positive pressure, with our 5000 series range tested against 50 pascals of pressure. With the ability to be manually operated or automatic, these doors are as efficient as they are durable. Made of a tough, non impregnable polyethylene skin, the door is impervious to moisture, and retains a clean, hygienic surface throughout the duration of its life.

Manual Door Accessory Upgrades

Hygiene accessories for hospital doors

Upgrades can be made to existing manual doors, to increase hygiene control within a Hospital facility. From mechanical hold-open assemblies to electrical automated openers, Remax has a range of upgrade accessories that can be retrofitted to existing doors, to increase ease of access and promote greater hygiene control.

At Remax, we’re all about automatic, hygienic, hands-free access that is as easy as it is fast. If you’re looking for ways to boost hygiene control within your Hospital facility, contact our experienced team of professionals to find out how we might be able to be of assistance.

If you would like to contact us, call today on 1800 010 221 or send an email to info@remaxdoors.com  

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