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Improving the Customer Experience at Your Auto Showroom

The Australian automotive retail market is among the world’s most competitive, with over 60 brands available in the market. Consumers have access to a wide range of quality vehicles and brands and are buying more than ever before.

A study by ACA Research states that 2017 was a record year for the automotive industry and that 2018 will continue to deliver higher sales.

One way that you can boost sales is by improving customer experience in your auto showroom. By appealing to customer delight through branding, offering bespoke services and enhancing interiors, you can provide clients not just with a good product, but exceptional service.

Here are some ways you can enhance the customer experience in your auto showroom.

modern car showroom

Communicate your corporate branding

You can communicate your company’s corporate branding through your showroom’s fixtures, fittings and equipment. When these elements are aligned towards your organisation’s corporate identity standards, you turn your showroom into a bespoke outlet.

The smallest details often make the most significant impact. They communicate to clients that you pay careful attention to how your brand is perceived. As a business owner, think about how your environment can enhance the marketability of the vehicles in your showroom.

Differentiate your dealership

Adding personal touches, like providing free services outside of your business, can create recurring foot traffic and brand loyalty. Your customers will tell others about their experience with your business. As you generate customer experiences that people talk about, you generate greater interest in your products and services.

Upgrading your site interiors can make an impact on your sales. Your car display range, layout and orientation make an impression on your customers. Natural light enhances how cars look and highlights their exteriors. Create venues for natural light in your auto showroom by installing floor-to-ceiling glass displays. You can also invest in lighting fixtures that mimic natural light, ensuring that the cars always look their best.

Compact 7 (Medium)

Enhance customer experiences with compact sectional doors

You can enhance customer experience when you install a compact sectional door in your auto showroom. Compared to overhead sectional doors, compact sectional doors work more efficiently, save more space and add aesthetic value to any application.

Traditional overhead sectional doors need adequate wall and ceiling space to allow door panels to run up and under the ceiling. The tracks are equipped with unattractive bracing and ceiling supports, as well as lifting shafts and springs. Compact sectional doors are neat and free from any exposed springs. The door leaves fold up into a tidy section above the door, adding a clean and polished look to your showroom.

The door’s glass panelling allows plenty of natural light to enter the facility, making your cars shine. The compact sectional doors also help maintain indoor temperatures by reducing energy loss through standard roller shutters.

Our compact sectional doors are tailor fitted according to your auto showroom’s requirements.

At Remax Products, we offer high-quality doorway and barrier solutions for your business. Contact us on 1800 010 221 or email info@remaxproducts.com.au for enquiries.

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