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Have you ever stood out the front of your cool room and wondered how you can reduce the electricity bill? Are you stressing about an upcoming HACCP hygiene audit, or sighing at the bill for a damaged roller door? If factors like low-maintenance, temperature, and hygiene control are top of mind for your operation, then check out this blog from Remax Doors. We’re here to help businesses understand how they can save money and improve temperature efficiency by implementing the Movidor High Speed Door range within their operation.  

So let’s get started.

Why are doors important?

Despite what it may appear, doors play a much larger role in operation than mere access and egress to a building. A durable, Australian-made product can be the point of difference between a high expense, ineffective workflow, and an efficient, low maintenance operation. The Movidor high-speed, self-repairing flexible door range is designed to withstand impact, and built to perform tirelessly over hundreds of thousands of cycles. Operating at speeds of up to 2.5 m/s, with German-quality controller componentry, these doors are fast enough and smart enough to outwit even the worst of demon forklift drivers!

How much are my open doorways costing me? 

Getting an accurate understanding of how open doorways and inflexible doorway systems can be detrimental to your warehouse is becoming increasingly important, for a variety of reasons. We’ve identified some important ones below. 

  1. Temperature control

Temperature control is a big goal for most operations, from General Manufacturing to the Food & Beverage sector. A doorway containing a standard roller shutter with no insulation properties will do little to beat the heat in summer, and combat the cold in winter. However, with superior curtain insulation properties, our Movidor range is very commonly used in Coolrooms and freezers, its fast operation reducing airflow throughout different segments of a building. With a range of offered integrated accessories such as traffic lights, PE beams and remote activation, your temperature control can be further optimised with a higher specification.

  1. Food Hygiene

In the Food and Beverage industry, stringent hygiene specifications are rigidly adhered to, for reducing contamination and the dissemination of poisonous foods, and ensuring all products that enter the market are safe for consumption. Temperature sensitive foods, such as meat, dairy products, protein-rich foods, fresh fruit and vegetables and more, are capable of supporting growth of harmful and poisonous bacteria, if not stored and maintained properly. Not only can our Movidor high speed door range alleviate and prevent this contamination through temperature control, but with these doors fitted with remote activation, no manual action is required for access or egress, thus minimising the physical transfer of harmful substances.

  1. Maintenance

With an inflexible doorway application, such as a standard roller shutter, or roller door with solid windbars, impact from forklift traffic can be a big problem. Forklift impact is almost inevitable, so a doorway solution that is both flexible and low-maintenance can have a massive impact on your overall warehouse maintenance costs. Recently we helped Melbourne Markets reduce their repair costs to warehouse doorway openings by replacing some of their most impact-prone doors with our Movidor rapid roller doors. In doing so, they not only boosted warehouse efficiency, but found overall door maintenance savings amounted to over $150K per year!

Custom door solutions for your needs 

Get in touch with our friendly team at Remax Doors if you’re looking for a superior quality doorway applicable that will stand the test of time, save you money in the long run. Call us today on 1800 010 221 or send an email to info@remaxdoors.com.   





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