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Pest Control During the Holiday Season

Pests in warehouses can be annoying at any time of the year, but especially during the holiday season when for most businesses, a lot of staff are away, or the warehouse is busier than usual taking care of extra deliveries to cater for the holiday season.

mice at ChristmasThe weather can make certain types of pests more likely to show up in your facility, which means that you need to have policies in place for pest management during downtime to ensure your facility is safe and effectively storing or producing what it needs to.

Pest control procedure is especially important during the holiday downtime because a lack of production activity could make it more likely for pests to find their way into your facility.

Here are five tips for making sure that your warehouse pest control policy functions effectively, even if you are working with a skeleton staff of team members during the holiday.


Management of pests can be handled all sorts of ways, depending on what type of pests you’re having problems with and how severe the issue is. To begin with, the first point of call should be to assess where the pests are entering your site. To be able to block their entry, and any more pests, and then deal with the current pests onsite.

If you have open doorways which are letting in birds, for example, a High Speed Rapid Door would be able to open and close at a much quicker rate than a standard roller shutter. For a doorway which needs to be kept open for certain times during the day, consider PVC Strip doors which provide a transparent barrier and prevent flies and birds from having free access to site. 

2: Understand Your Available Options

Some pests will require a more intensive chemical spray treatment (which could call for some down time), while other pest problems can be solved with simple traps and bait. 

If you aren’t sure which kind of pest barriers or traps will work the best for your requirements, talk to a specialist who has experience with pest control and see what their recommendations are.

Whether you choose to handle pest control in-house or through a contractor, knowing your choices and which ones are best is a critical element of warehouse pest control.

2: Setting a Timetable for Warehouse Pest Control Treatment

Another issue that you’ll have to deal with at some point, whether you handle your pest control internally or externally, is when you plan on scheduling this kind of treatment.

Christmas pestsThe schedule for your pest treatment plans may be compromised by the holiday season, since many people take time off during this part of the year, and some companies shut down their operations altogether for a few days.

On the other hand, this can sometimes be a good thing: fewer people and less production during the holidays means that it will be easier for you to improve your control procedure, since there will be less distractions.

Controlling pests during downtime could be just what your organisation needs to help address a lingering pest problem.

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3: Choosing a Pest Control Procedure

Mouse trap

After you know what options are available to you and when you would like to move forward with pest management, your next step is to determine what type of procedure is best.

This will vary based upon your particular problems, but you will generally want to make sure that your process is in line with what most pest control experts believe is needed for your facility. Have a look at the free eBook - A guide to Warehouse Pest Control.

4: Inspect the Affected Areas

It will also be helpful to talk to others who have dealt with the same kind of problem. Even if the people you speak with can’t give you advice about warehouse pests specifically, they may be able to help you learn about the kind of pests you are dealing with and which methods are best for getting rid of them.

After your holiday pest management is completed, you’ll want to hold a thorough inspection of the areas where the treatment took place. Make a note of anything that seems out of place or not functional so that you can determine whether or not the issue was caused by your control treatment.


When it comes to serious warehouse pest control procedures, you may need to have the area tested to ensure that it is safe for workers to return. There are few things worse than having your operation slow down after a major holiday simply because you didn’t realise that it was still unsafe for people to be in the area.

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5: Plan for the Future

The holiday downtime is a great time for planning all sorts of business strategies, and pest management is no exception. After you have executed your pest management treatment, your job is not totally finished: you still have to come up with a way for you to prevent pests from harming your facility in the future.

Warehouse Planning

Is there a specific type of action that you can take to prevent these pests from impacting your facility once treatment is complete? Will you need to periodically schedule more of the same kinds of treatments? These are all important concerns to be aware of.

Also remember to think about the barriers you have in place at your facility: for example, PVC strip doors and swingdoors can both be valuable for preventing pests from invading your warehouse, as can high speed rapid doors and air curtains. These barriers can also help you stop pests from spreading to different parts of your warehouse so that the problem is easier to treat: replacing them can be a critical element of your pest control plan moving forward into the new year.

At Remax, we understand how crucial it is for warehouses to be free of pests, especially during the holidays. Suffering from a pest problem that negatively impacts your productivity right as the new year begins is a terrible issue to have: check out our guide to warehouse pest control or request a Remax service to see exactly how we can help you keep your warehouse pest-free this holiday season.

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