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Rapid Door Provides Hygiene Control for Food & Beverage Facility

Controlling temperatures and preventing dust & pest entry

Family-owned Mandole Orchards is the first single origin almond milk producer in Australia, with a commitment to low-impact farming, and caring for the environment. In 2020, Mandole finished an exciting new expansion to their premises to meet the needs of their growing industry and innovative production methods.


Operating in the food and beverage industry, Mandole had to adhere to some strict HACCP regulations and food safety requirements throughout their production line and facility design. This meant controlling temperatures within certain areas of the facility, increasing hygiene control, and preventing dust and pest entry to the building.

After extensive research, Mandole approached Remax Doors to install high speed doors to control these openings.

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Reliability, safety, and low maintenance impress

Mandole co-director Tom Stefanovic was impressed with the Movidor high speed doors’ high level of safety, their reliability, and their low-maintenance design.

Remax installed 6 Movidor high speed doors in the new building, throughout the Mandole cool rooms and warehouses. With high levels of forklift traffic moving in and out of different areas in the facility, the Movidors allowed for traffic while maintaining a constant barrier against temperature changes, dust, and unwanted pests.

With push buttons and Falcon radar assemblies, the doors were programmed to detect oncoming traffic from a set distance (as specified by Mandole), allow egress and close quickly behind forklifts without compromising the temperature or hygiene of the room.

Mandole’s commitment to staff safety meant additional safety accessories were of great interest. A four-piece integrated traffic light system was installed with each high speed roller door.

“In a facility like this, we can’t afford mistakes. So we need a door that we can rely on, that’s going to be quick without ever compromising on safety,” Tom said. “That’s why Remax’s integrated traffic light system was of great interest to us. It reduces safety concerns considerably.”


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Rapid doors provide a high quality temperature control solution

Remax was happy to hear that from Tom and the Mandole team’s perspective, the project ran smoothly. The orchard now enjoys a high-performing, quality solution to their temperature control and hygiene problem.

“Our correspondence with Remax has been unified. Their staff are considerate, highly knowledgeable and extremely professional,” Tom said. “They’ve got an incredible reputation, not only within our region but nationwide.”

“For those reasons, Remax were the obvious choice.”

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