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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint As A Business

With the turn of a new decade bringing in a series of climatic disasters, Australians have been urged to increase their adaptation to climate change, and reduce the impact they are having on the environment. Awareness is building, and business owners are learning the integral role door solutions play in the energy efficiency, carbon emission, and environmental impact of a company. 

Both privately and commercially, everyone produces carbon dioxide (CO2) when we consume products that were produced using fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide can be produced directly, such as by operating heavy machinery, or indirectly, such as eating food that has been produced with artificial fertilizers and pesticides. A carbon footprint is an environmental measure of the total greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) caused by an organisation, person or product.

For most companies, energy use is the sole biggest contributor to their overall carbon footprint, often accounting for up to 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. As this includes heating, cooling, lighting, and operating equipment, naturally the more efficient companies are in their energy use, the greater the reduction in greenhouse gas emission.

Significant contributors to a company's energy efficiency, is their door systems. More specifically, the speed of operation, air-seal when closed, and thermal value of a company's doors can have a substantial impact on the thermal efficiency of the building envelope. An efficient, well-insulated and low-maintenance doorway application, can be the point of difference in energy conservation, energy bills, and carbon emissions. We’ve broken down the three most important aspects to consider, when weighing up environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-efficient door solutions. 

1. Operation / Design of the Door

A basic element to an effective, energy efficient door solution is obviously the overall design and function of the door itself. The Remax Movidor rapid roller door specialises in custom design and fabrication, and is built to meet a wide spectrum of specifications, with sustainably sourced materials. With no moving parts, springs or cables in the columns, the Movidor rapid roller door instead utilises laterally tensioned wind-battens, that are incorporated into the curtain itself. By integrating wind battens in the curtain, the Movidor rapid door design maintains uniform wind and pressure resistance, and with a full-surround roll cover and integrated brush seals on fascia and guides, the Movidor high speed door provides an exceptionally tight seal when closed.

IMGP3802 edit-1

With operation speeds of up to 2.5 meters per second, the Movidor rapid roller door will open and close behind traffic through the opening, reducing air transmission into/out of the building. When compared to a standard roller shutter, slow in operation and typically opened in the morning and closed at night, the Movidor rapid roller door will dramatically improve temperature control, simply by preventing airflow between the building interior and the outside – ultimately reducing the carbon footprint.

2. Door Activation

Its important to consider the layout of your factory, and the pathway and activation to each opening when setting the activation specification for the door solution. In order to ensure the traffic flow is functional, efficient, and won’t compromise temperature control, the right activation can be the difference in reducing your airflow, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emission.  

A wide range of accessories can be implemented into the Movidor Rapid Roller Door, to further maximise the energy efficiency rating of the building envelope. The activation options are endless, from manual push-buttons, swipe passes and pull-cords, to remote devices, radar detection, and floor-loops. However, two of the most common are listed below:

  • Radar-detection Assemblies: A Radar assembly is mounted on the hood of the fascia cover of the rapid roller door, designed to detect motion within a set parameter of up to 8 meters of the door opening, depending on how the customer specifies commissioning. Configured around movement, the radar will open to allow the traffic through, and close quickly behind them, minimising the airflow between the openings, and facilitating the least amount of impact possible on the overall building temperature.
  • Elsema Remote: Anywhere from one to eight different vehicles can be fitted with small hand-held remotes, that signal the Movidor rapid roller door to open or close. The controller is simply fitted with as many receiver cards as there is remotes, and will operate the door with a simple push of a button. 

IMG_0004 edit

3. Maintenance

One of the biggest downfalls of conventional high speed doors is in the event of a break-down, the temperature of a building envelope can be compromised if the damaged door is stuck in an open state, allowing open airflow to the building. With massive air-loss comes an increased pressure on heating/cooling systems to regulate the temperature, and a spike in energy consumption, thus increasing greenhouse gas emissions.  A durable, reliable and Australian-made door solution will not only provide a safeguard against potential damage that could negatively impact your carbon footprint, but will ensure the availability of replacement parts stockage, speeding up a repair in the case of a break-down.

The differentiating feature of Remax Movidor rapid roller doors, is that our rapid doors ‘self-repair’ in the event of an accidental impact to the curtain. When impacted, the flexible bottom edge will pop out of the guides, and the door will detect the impact and reverse. The curtain will then be reinserted back into the guides via a set of relocator brackets positioned just under the hood.

 No springs, cables or tensioning belts ensure exceptionally low maintenance, whilst soft starting and stopping via variable speed control prevents premature fatigue of hard-mounted components. A full surround anodised aluminium roll cover and fascia ensures a clean, washable finish, meaning Movidor High Speed Doors will retain their hygienic, smart appearance with minimal maintenance.

A highly visible, flexible and softly sprung yellow bottom edge, Movidor rapid roller door curtains will flex around an obstruction without crushing it.


If your company is looking for ways to increase your energy efficiency, reduce your carbon emissions, and become more environmentally friendly, your door solutions could be a great way to make a big impact. Contact our team at Remax Doors, to customise and build your own green, energy efficient door solution for every application.

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