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The Greatest Bollards Ever Made

We love the creativity involved when an ordinary everyday product is given a new lease on life.

The steadfast bollard (pedestrian or street bollard) provides so many opportunities to stretch the imagination and create something useful but yet fun and unique and to match the design or environment in which they are installed. Check out some of our top 'Best Bollards' ever.

1. Duke of York Square - London (A game of hopscotch) 

decorative bollard.jpgDuke of York Square London Bollards.jpg

2. Knitted Bollard Covers to celebrate Easter in England: 
knitted bollard covers.jpg

3. Not ncessarily designed like this - but a clever touch painting a mionion onto a bollard:
minion bollard.jpg 

Our very own trusty yellow flexible bollard was recently getting through a lot of work in the 'office'. Photo sent through by a customer.
Remax Minion Bollard.jpg

4. Interesting 'Pencil' Bollards:
pencil bollards.jpg

5. A Commemorative Bollards in England - don't you love the tradition?
royal bollard commemorative.jpg

6. Lego Bollards:simple yet effective!
lego bollards.jpg 

7. Sloane Square Station - London
sloan square station bollard.jpg

8. Bollard / Traffic bollards at the University Library in Devonshire, UK:
Devonshire Square Books Bollard.jpg

9. Thomas Heatherwick’s characteristically inventive, seductive and radical approach to materials finds vibrant expression in this project for a Newcastle city square: see the bollards 'puncturing' the walkways:
Architecture Bollards.jpg

10. Outdoor illuminated bollards: this one is called a 'Moodie'
illuminated bollard.jpg

11. Not Quite a bollard Design - but a bollard painted to represent a cigarette butt to raise awareness about new anti-smoking zones in Sydney, Australia.Painted Cigarette bollard.jpg


It just goes to show that there is more to bollards thank just the plain, steel bollards which first come to mind. Although - if you are after just plain steel bollards - you cannot go wrong with Remax Products Steel Bollards!

View the full range of Bollards by Remax Products here. 

request bollards quote2.jpg


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