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protect your warehouse from pests using a high speed barrier | remax

For security, efficiency, hygiene and a wrath of other reasons, a warehouse door is a critical and hard-working asset to your site. But in some instances, there are times when it would be ideal to have fresh air flowing into the site without letting in hasty critters or outside elements such as leaves / birds / flying insects etc. 

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Allergy compliance in food processing: the facts

Allergy issues are a serious matter in the food industry. Federal law says that food processing companies in every state and territory are responsible for protecting their foods from contamination that could cause allergy complications, as well as labelling their foods in a way that makes it easy to tell what kind of potential allergens may be present in a certain food.

For a food manufacturing or processing company, cross-contamination of foods can lead to severe allergic reactions that can have devastating health repercussions for consumers.

These situations can also cost your company money. In New South Wales, for example, the NSW Food Authority has the right to investigate breaches of food handling and processing guidelines, penalise offending organisations, and recall foods that come from businesses that fail to properly declare allergens on their labels.

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