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The Greatest Bollards Ever Made

We love the creativity involved when an ordinary everyday product is given a new lease on life.

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What is a Bollard?

What is a bollard? A bollard is a short post designed to guide traffic and protect from vehicle intrusions. Bollards can be manufactured and installed to withstand significant vehicle impacts, but they can also be used as decorative or visual barriers. Many bollards contribute decorative elements to building and landscape designs.


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The Cost of Bollards vs the Cost of Damages

Your employees, drivers, haulage drivers and forklift drivers are all incredibly careful, safe and responsible; yes?

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The Cost of Human Error

Whilst writing a blog article on the cost of warehouse accidents, I was looking at a list of the most costly accidents to date throughout the world (the blog article can be found here). What I realised was that 50% of those major accidents were caused by human error. The rest were a mixture of IT failures / manufacturing faults / communication errors etc. Human error has the potential to have a very devastating consequence simply because we cannot predict them, to a certain point. Most workplaces need people, and some employees have enormous responsibilities. Could we eliminate human error?  

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5 Key Features That Should Be In Your Traffic Management Plan


At heart a warehouse’s traffic management plan involves identifying and dealing with risks. Many warehouses operate around the clock, this makes a traffic management plan crucial to smooth uninterrupted operation. Any failure in the plan will result in a loss of warehouse efficiency, potentially causing deadlines to be missed and revenue lost. It can also result in product, equipment and facility damage, and in the worst case can involve severe injuries and even death. 

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Tags: Integrated Traffic Lights, warehouse operations, forklift operations, bollards, guard rails, traffic management

Key Measures for Running an Accident-Free Warehouse

Keeping your warehouse safe and running at maximum output is a difficult job. You need to constantly monitor the shifting experience in the warehouse as new members and equipment enter your team and old ones leave. Below, we have briefly outlined 3 key measures for running an accident-free warehouse and hope they provide some insight, inspiration or even just a mental check for your warehouse operations.

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