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The Changing face of the Modern Car Showroom

Gone are the days of car showroom customer service lounges with cheap chairs, stale coffee and old magazines.

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5 ways your car showroom can bring in more customers

Tips for car dealers from the Remax Doors team

Studies show that the more comfortable people feel in a space, the more likely they are to spend more time there – and the more likely to trust the people running, living, or working in that space.

You may not be aware of what exactly makes you feel comfortable in a space - but let's face it, architects don't go to University for seven years for nothing! They are trained to know exactly how and what to do to produce a particular feeling from a building.

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Temperature management in automotive garages and workshops

How to choose a better door for your workplace

Staff in a workshop environment will tell you that temperature control in car servicing and automotive workshop areas is commonly forgotten.

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Five things to remember when planning a car showroom

How you can maximise your dealership design 

A car is one of the most expensive purchases anyone makes, and today’s car showrooms have an important role in helping customers make that decision.

It's little wonder new car showrooms can be lavish enterprises, with double-height glazing, blazing lights and costly stone floors. And that’s before you even get into the realms of internet cafes and branded clothing!

In an increasingly segmented market, your dealership needs to cater for a range of clients and their needs. Here's how.

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Tags: car showroom,, new vehicle dealership, glazed sectional door, showroom, dealership workshop, new vehicle showroom

Compact sectional doors verses standard roller shutters

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