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Why Movidor can handle knocks from forklifts when most other doors cannot

See how a competitor's door was damaged by a hasty forklift driver

We recently came across a newly installed rapid door from a competitor, which had been driven into by a speedy forklift driver. Even though the door was nearly new and had cost them $25,000+ to install, it's now a write off, requiring full replacement.

Unsurprisingly, this competitor's rapid door is being replaced with one of Remax's self-repairing Movidor RRDs. Here's the story.

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8 Things Your Competitors Could Teach You About Site and Forklift Safety

As at 8 November, 148 Australian workers have been killed at work in 2016. A very sobering thought and a reminder of the dangers at work. 

Complacency is often the tipping point where changes around the site only tend to happen once something goes wrong. A quick look around other sites can highlight a few things that you can do to keep your employees safe.

Lets look at 8 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Site and Forklift Safety in your facility.

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Forklift precautions in cold weather

Protect your employees, machinery, and inventory

With cold weather come additional hazards for forklift operation. During the winter season we must stay alert to factors such as temperature, black ice, snow, sleet, ice, etc.

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The Cost of Human Error

Whilst writing a blog article on the cost of warehouse accidents, I was looking at a list of the most costly accidents to date throughout the world (the blog article can be found here). What I realised was that 50% of those major accidents were caused by human error. The rest were a mixture of IT failures / manufacturing faults / communication errors etc. Human error has the potential to have a very devastating consequence simply because we cannot predict them, to a certain point. Most workplaces need people, and some employees have enormous responsibilities. Could we eliminate human error?  

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Tags: forklift accidents, bollards, warehouse profitability, warehouse managers, warehouse accidents, warehouse management, smart engineering, staff training, human error

How to Reduce the Risk of Forklift Accidents in 2015

Forklift accidents can lead to extremely serious injuries or death, especially in a manufacturing or warehousing setting.

Earlier this year, the Daily Mirror reported that in the United Kingdom, accidents in the manufacturing industry alone comprise 20% of all fatal workplace accidents. All over the world, forklifts pose a danger to their operators as well as the people and equipment or inventory in close proximity.

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How A Forklift's Age Could Cause Accidents in a Warehouse  | Remax

The lift truck is the single most dangerous vehicle in the workplace. Forklifts alone account for up to 30% of total vehicle related accidents every year.

There are numerous hazards among the operation of forklifts that can cause these accidents. One of them, forklift age, is easily avoidable by a simple policy of regular maintenance checks and accurate management of the forklift fleet. It is important that all your equipment is functioning well. The average useful life of a lift truck is 6 years, after that, lift-trucks can become dangerous for the operator and all those around it. Part of the warehouse managers role is knowing how to get the most out of their fleets entire lifespan but also when to retire and replace an ageing fleet

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Major Forklift Accidents of 2013 and Steps to Avoid Them in 2014

Forklift accidents cause somewhere between 85 and 100 fatalities worldwide each year. On top of this, on average, there are 34,900 accidents resulting in serious injury and 61,800 non-serious accidents

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Tags: warehouse operations, forklift operations, equipment efficiency, forklift accidents

5 Checklists to Avoid Forklift-Related Accidents

Forklifts are a major cause of accidents and injuries in many warehouses and workplaces all over Australia. These accidents damage warehouse facilities and pose a health and safety hazard to employees. In the past month alone, there have been several forklift-related accidents, including:

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Forklift Accidents: Reducing Damage to Product & Equipment

We previously discussed how forklifts can endanger the lives of pedestrians. Now, we'll move onto how forklifts can inflict serious damage on the surrounding product and even the warehouse itself.

Below are some examples of excessive maintenance costs incurred by forklift accidents, as well as 3 steps to avoiding such situations.

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Tags: equipment damage, warehouse operations, forklift operations, maintenance costs, equipment efficiency, forklift accidents

Avoiding Forklift Accidents: What Can Warehouse Managers Do?

While forklifts are needed to ensure efficient warehouse operations, they are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that can inflict serious damage to those around them.

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