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Rapid roller door safety features

4 factors to consider when choosing a rapid door

Since it's so closely tied to safety, choosing the right rapid roller door for your warehouse is vitally important. If every opening posed a possible threat – to the safety of your staff, equipment, or goods, then you would struggle to comply with the strict OH&S standards that apply to you.
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8 Things Your Competitors Could Teach You About Site and Forklift Safety

As at 8 November, 148 Australian workers have been killed at work in 2016. A very sobering thought and a reminder of the dangers at work. 

Complacency is often the tipping point where changes around the site only tend to happen once something goes wrong. A quick look around other sites can highlight a few things that you can do to keep your employees safe.

Lets look at 8 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Site and Forklift Safety in your facility.

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Tags: forklift operations, forklift accidents, traffic management, safety

Forklift Precautions in Cold Weather

With cold weather come additional hazards for forklift operation. During the winter season we must stay alert to factors such as temperature, black ice, snow, sleet, ice, etc.

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Tags: warehouse doors, warehouse operations, forklift operations, maintenance costs, forklift accidents, energy efficient, frost, doorways, energy loss, winter

How to Reduce the Risk of Forklift Accidents in 2015

Forklift accidents can lead to extremely serious injuries or death, especially in a manufacturing or warehousing setting.

Earlier this year, the Daily Mirror reported that in the United Kingdom, accidents in the manufacturing industry alone comprise 20% of all fatal workplace accidents. All over the world, forklifts pose a danger to their operators as well as the people and equipment or inventory in close proximity.

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Tags: forklift operations, forklift accidents

How Modularity Can Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs In Warehouses

Modularity refers to the degree to which a system’s components may be separated and recombined (think of lego). When we imagine the average warehouse layout, immediately we have a modular system. Most empty warehouses present a cavernous space filled with lighting and little else.

Into this we put stock, shelved or otherwise and the millions of different configurations makes it a modular system. Modularity offers the benefits of being flexible to the changing demand of your environment and the ability to offer the optimal solution for each situation.

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Tags: forklift operations, warehouse modularity, warehouse efficiency, compact sectional doors

5 Ways Fleet Management Systems Save Money & Increase Efficiency

Warehouse managers are always facing pressure to cut costs and increase productivity. In the battle against cost and lost efficiency, information is the most effective weapon managers can arm themselves with. Telematics and Fleet Management Systems provide the most detailed information available and as such, should be the weapon of choice. These systems involve collecting data from devices mounted on each vehicle, analysing it and using the relevant information to reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity. We have a look at how telematics and fleet management systems are leading fleets into the future.

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Tags: rapid roller doors, warehouse operations, forklift operations, forklift telematics

How A Forklift's Age Could Cause Accidents in a Warehouse  | Remax

The lift truck is the single most dangerous vehicle in the workplace. Forklifts alone account for up to 30% of total vehicle related accidents every year.

There are numerous hazards among the operation of forklifts that can cause these accidents. One of them, forklift age, is easily avoidable by a simple policy of regular maintenance checks and accurate management of the forklift fleet. It is important that all your equipment is functioning well. The average useful life of a lift truck is 6 years, after that, lift-trucks can become dangerous for the operator and all those around it. Part of the warehouse managers role is knowing how to get the most out of their fleets entire lifespan but also when to retire and replace an ageing fleet

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Tags: warehouse operations, forklift operations, equipment efficiency, forklift accidents

Creating a warehouse traffic management plan

5 key features to include to ensure forklift safety

At heart a warehouse’s traffic management plan involves identifying and dealing with risks. Many warehouses operate around the clock, which makes a traffic management plan crucial to smooth uninterrupted operation.

Any failure in the plan will result in a loss of warehouse efficiency, potentially causing deadlines to be missed and revenue lost. It can also result in product, equipment and facility damage, and in the worst case severe injuries and even death.

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Tags: Integrated Traffic Lights, warehouse operations, forklift operations, bollards, guard rails, traffic management

Major Forklift Accidents of 2013 and Steps to Avoid Them in 2014

Forklift accidents cause somewhere between 85 and 100 fatalities worldwide each year. On top of this, on average, there are 34,900 accidents resulting in serious injury and 61,800 non-serious accidents

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Tags: warehouse operations, forklift operations, equipment efficiency, forklift accidents

The Warehouse Manager’s Complete Traffic Management Checklist

Warehouse accidents are rampant! Last week’s blog highlighted several forklift-related accidents that happened in the past month and outlined the 5 checklists to follow to avoid them.

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Tags: equipment damage, warehouse operations, forklift operations

Compact sectional doors verses standard roller shutters

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