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Roller Door Investment: What You Should Know

As we discussed in our blog: Warehouse Roller Doors - Long Term Cost Considerations, warehouse roller doors are a significant investment that shouldn't be taken lightly. In fact, it's quite the opposite - they can have a big impact on costs in the long run.

So what are all the costs that warehouse managers need to be aware of?

Your costs can be separated into three parts; that is, the short-term costs that are involved with procuring your doors, the ongoing costs that it will take you to maintain your doors, and the costs associated with ensuring safety.

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The 7 Habits of Effective Maintenance Managers


In any workplace, maintenance and upkeep throughout the site is crucial to keeping operations flowing successfully. Even more so, in a fast-pace, production-line system where one fault or issue could cause a huge knock-on effect to operations.

How effective is your maintenance team, do they make a positive contribution to the bottom line or are they consistently fighting one issue after another? Perhaps it is time to hit the reset button on maintenance management.

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4 Things About Rapid Doors Your Boss Wants To Know

How do you know that you are getting suitable Rapid Doors for the site?

And more so, how do you sell your preferred product to the boss?

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Forklift precautions in cold weather

Protect your employees, machinery, and inventory

With cold weather come additional hazards for forklift operation. During the winter season we must stay alert to factors such as temperature, black ice, snow, sleet, ice, etc.

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Tags: warehouse doors, warehouse operations, forklift operations, maintenance costs, forklift accidents, energy efficient, frost, doorways, energy loss, winter

Stop energy loss at the door

How you can improve energy efficiency at your warehouse

Manufacturing, warehousing and distribution businesses across the world are looking for ways to cut costs to remain as competitive as possible. But with productivity more crucial than ever, large warehouse doors are being left open for longer and used more frequently.

Because internal temperatures change by as much as 10°C within moments of the doors opening, it’s important that warehouse businesses act to stop energy sneaking out of the back door and making a huge hole in their profits.

This news post covers some options to reduce your energy loss.

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Tags: warehouse doors, warehouse operations, maintenance costs, energy efficient, doorways, energy loss

What are the repair costs of high speed rapid doors?

5 tips for understanding the cost of rapid door maintenance and repairs

Rapid doors often enable the critical pathways into your facility. That's why it's essential that you ensure they are:

  • Appropriate for their intended use
  • Secure, and
  • In good working order.

If you are having problems with your current rapid doors, then you need to have a professional determine if it can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced.

In this news post, the Remax Doors team take a look at some of the most common factors that will affect the cost of a rapid door repair. 

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Tags: Movidor Rapid Roll Doors, Movidor, rapid roller doors, maintenance costs, rapid doors, self-repair rapid door, energy consumption, rapid door costs, rapid door repair costs, repair costs

What Are the Advantages of a Bespoke Warehouse Door?

Much like the rhetorical question, “how long is a piece of string?”, warehouse door sizes depend largely on the application. The size varies from small doors for pedestrian access to large doors for wide loads. In fact knowing the average size of a warehouse door is almost entirely irrelevant, every door should be chosen to match its unique situation. While it is important to keep up to date with developments and successful applications in other work environments this should only inform you of your options. When you choose a door you should be matching it to the criteria of your warehouse and your vendor should assist you with that if necessary. 

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Tags: warehouse doors, maintenance costs, custom warehouse doors, sectional doors, bespoke warehouse door, bespoke door, tilt-up door

How to reduce your warehouse energy costs and carbon footprint

5 energy saving tips from the Remax team

The two biggest energy consumers in a warehouse are lighting and temperature control (ie. heating, cooling, or refrigeration). It follows therefore that reducing the costs of these two major contributors is the quickest way to make energy savings in your warehouse.

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Tags: warehouse doors, warehouse operations, maintenance costs

Forklift Accidents: Reducing Damage to Product & Equipment

We previously discussed how forklifts can endanger the lives of pedestrians. Now, we'll move onto how forklifts can inflict serious damage on the surrounding product and even the warehouse itself.

Below are some examples of excessive maintenance costs incurred by forklift accidents, as well as 3 steps to avoiding such situations.

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Tags: equipment damage, warehouse operations, forklift operations, maintenance costs, equipment efficiency, forklift accidents

Warehouse Roller Doors: Long-Term Cost Considerations

Having industrial roller doors installed in your warehouse is a costly exercise, so you want to make sure that the roller doors you select will enhance rather than hamper operations.

To avoid incurring unnecessary costs in the long run, you must understand how the following factors can significantly impact long-term costs.

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Compact sectional doors verses standard roller shutters

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