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5 Crucial Design Issues Faced By New Hospital Projects

For many building designs, the benefits of ‘hindsight’ are seen to be a somewhat regretful and costly oversight. Nonetheless, there are some great lessons to be learnt in construction ‘hindsight’ and for a study in how costs can start to add up when designing for hospitals and medical facilities, look to the new and yet to be opened, Royal Adelaide Hospital.

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Tags: roller doors, swing doors, Thermal Traffic Doors, Hospital Doors, Hospital Theatre Door, hospital hygiene door

5 Crucial Requirements for Hygienic and Efficient Hospital Doors

Hospitals require the utmost standards of hygiene and cleanliness but design in hospitals stretches beyond increasing hygiene. Matters of efficiency, cost and speed are all key concerns when designing any part of a modern hospital. These are of particular concern when you consider tightening budgets and an overburdened healthcare sector. We’ve broken down the design requirements for hospital swing doors into 5 crucial segments for your consideration.

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Tags: swing doors, Thermal Traffic Doors, Hospital Doors

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