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6 Tips For Workplace Health & Safety - What Are Your Obligations?

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), often referred to as Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) involves the assessment and migration of risks that may impact the health, safety or welfare of those in your workplace.

This may include the health and safety of your customers, employees, visitors, contractors, volunteers and suppliers. As a business owner there are legal requirements that you must comply with to ensure your workplace meets WHS obligations.

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Tags: warehouse profitability, warehouse managers, warehouse accidents, warehouse mishaps, OH&S, Workplace Health and Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, WHS

Best practices for managing a cold storage warehouse

As demand for perishable products grows worldwide, efficient and effective cold chain management requires strong partnerships and quick reactions.

Shippers have been managing the challenge of transporting temperature-sensitive goods since the 1700s, when British fishermen began using ice to preserve their catch while at sea. Today, the global market for cold chain products is expanding rapidly.

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Tags: cold storage, warehouse profitability, warehouse managers, cool room,, fresh produce, coolroom, frozen storage, cold storage warehouses, refrigeration, 3PL, Palletizing, frozen goods, frozen food storage, cold chain logistics, third-party logistics, dense storage

Have You Adjusted Your Warehouse to The New Normal?

At some distributorships, lower warehouse staffing continues to result in mistakes that are costly to correct and anger customers; or worse, result in loss of sales or customers. But few distributors want to spend much money to prevent the mistakes. Nor does a lot of money need to be spent to adjust for the new normal. Today, inventory levels have crept up, but warehouse staffing levels remain historically low. 

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Tags: warehouse profitability, warehouse managers, warehouse accidents, warehouse mishaps, receivables, warehouse normal, the new normal

The Benefits to You

"If we don’t get it right, we may not be able to reverse and we may not be able to adapt sufficiently," President Barack Obama said of climate change during remarks in the East Room of the White House at the start of August 2015. This brings about an interesting debate on climate change but the same can be said in many different aspects of our day to day operations. Specifically warehousing and I'm actually not talking about climate change directly, but the way in which your warehouse operates.

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Tags: warehouse efficiency, warehouse profitability, warehouse managers, saving time, logistics, rapid doors, roller shutters, warehouse benefits

The Cost of Human Error

Whilst writing a blog article on the cost of warehouse accidents, I was looking at a list of the most costly accidents to date throughout the world (the blog article can be found here). What I realised was that 50% of those major accidents were caused by human error. The rest were a mixture of IT failures / manufacturing faults / communication errors etc. Human error has the potential to have a very devastating consequence simply because we cannot predict them, to a certain point. Most workplaces need people, and some employees have enormous responsibilities. Could we eliminate human error?  

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Tags: forklift accidents, bollards, warehouse profitability, warehouse managers, warehouse accidents, warehouse management, smart engineering, staff training, human error

Five Very Expensive Warehouse Mishaps and How They Can Be Avoided

Throughout history, humans have always been prone to accidents but the greatest cost of accidents is injury and death. Human life is beyond monetary value. But property losses can also be devastating and crippling to a business. Warehouse fatalities and severe or permanment injuries have a serious impact and yet somewhat preventable with careful planning and an ongoing commitment to safety.

Even a series of relatively minor incidents can lead to lost productivity, higher insurance bills and possible fines.

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Tags: warehouse profitability, warehouse managers, warehouse accidents, warehouse mishaps

Five things to remember when planning a car showroom

New Car showrooms can be lavish enterprises, with double-height glazing, blazing lights and costly stone floors. And that’s before you even get into the realms of internet cafes and branded clothing. 

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Tags: warehouse profitability, warehouse managers, mazda showroom,, car showroom,, glass sectional door, dealership, car servicing, new vehicle dealership, glazed sectional door, showroom, dealership workshop, showroom specification, new vehicle showroom

Corporate Responsibility and the Warehouse Manager

At the turn of the millennium, big business was suffering from a major image problem. The liberal narrative at the time was simple: large corporations, driven by power-hungry CEOs and greedy shareholders, were malevolent entities, exploiting their workers and chewing up natural resources. Books including Naomi Klein's 'No Logo' and films such as 'The Corporation' became pop-culture touchstones, and their criticism of corporate greed were accepted by Western middle classes on both sides of the political divide.

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Tags: sustainability, warehouse profitability, ethical behaviour, warehouse managers, corporate responsibility

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