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Warehouse Roller Doors: Long-Term Cost Considerations

warehouse roller doors costs

Having industrial roller doors installed in your warehouse is a costly exercise, so you want to make sure that the roller doors you select will enhance rather than hamper operations.

To avoid incurring unnecessary costs in the long run, you must understand how the following factors can significantly impact long-term costs.

1. Warehouse Traffic

When a door like an industrial roller shutter is subjected to higher usage than it is designed for (typically 5-7 cycles per day), you will likely face increased maintenance and operational costs because of stretching and accelerated fatigue of metal parts. Doors with counter balance springs, pulleys, and wire cables will need more maintenance than others.

Ask yourself the following questions when it comes to warehouse traffic:

  • What is the main purpose of the door (eg. to improve traffic flow and productivity, or to separate process areas?)

  • Who and what will be using the door (eg. employee-driven vehicles, or trucks?

  • What size door do you need? (what is the highest vehicle/load, what is the widest vehicle/load accessing this door?)

You may want to alter the size of the doorway to suit the purpose of your door, as well as the level of traffic it will be managing. If your warehouse traffic doesn't require a doorway to be as large as what you have, altering its size will reduce costs in terms of installation and energy loss while the door is open.

Take your time to make a decision, as failure to choose the right door for a high-traffic warehouse can compromise productivity, equipment, and even staff safety.

2. Door Insulation

The cost of power in Australia continues to climb, making it even more crucial for warehouse managers to consider the long-term running costs of an automatic roller door.

However, the cost of operating the door itself is not as much of an issue as the doors' inability to insulate. Open or poorly protected doorways are a significant contributor to air conditioning or heating loss.

Ask yourself the following questions to prevent cold/heat loss or gain:

  • How well does the door insulate?

  • What is the airtightness of the door?

  • How long will the door be open per cycle?

It is important to choose properly designed and functional equipment so that your investment is repaid in energy cost savings.

3. Door Sensitivity

Frequent damage to doors means you frequently need to repair them - which shortens the life span of the product and drives up the total cost of ownership. This is why complex door design, particularly for high speed doors, can prevent ongoing maintenance costs and keep equipment in peak operating condition.

Maintenance costs can skyrocket if your roller doors are not designed to deal with forklift collisions. You will have to pay to repair the damaged equipment, as well as for extra cleaning to be done to prevent contamination during downtime. Another factor you must also consider is whether your roller doors are sensitive to extreme weather conditions, such as high winds.

Things to ask yourself when it comes to door sensitivity:

  • What are the repair procedures like for products you are considering (ie. which parts are most prone to damage, how quickly can they be repaired, and by whom)?

  • Are there environmental factors that could affect the door's operation (eg. high wind, low temperatures, wet weather)?

Be sure to ask manufacturers about the above before you buy. Manufacturers will be able to advise you on the average cycle-life of their equipment, so that you're aware of the ongoing cost of ownership.

To learn more about this topic, download our complimentary buyer's guide to roller door selection:

Free Buyer's Guide: Warehouse Roller  Door Selection

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