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Why Movidor can handle knocks from forklifts when most other doors cannot

See how a competitor's door was damaged by a hasty forklift driver

We recently came across a newly installed rapid door from a competitor, which had been driven into by a speedy forklift driver. Even though the door was nearly new and had cost them $25,000+ to install, it's now a write off, requiring full replacement.

Unsurprisingly, this competitor's rapid door is being replaced with one of Remax's self-repairing Movidor RRDs. Here's the story.

As you can see from the images below, the competitor's rapid door experienced damage to the bottom metal bar on the door curtain, as well as damaged electrics in the frame. 

Yep, that’s the imprint of a forklift driver below, who thought he had timed his entry just right, and he’s got it just wrong. Door ¾ open, and the top of forklift mast hits the bottom of the door. This door is destroyed.

By contrast, a Movidor would break out of its guides and relocate itself again. Automatically. Kind of like the equivalent of an automated shrug of the shoulders.

damaged roller door

No, it's not normal to have belts and stuff hanging out of the door frame, as you can see below. It was very expensive to put it all back how it was. This is why Movidor has NO moving parts in the door frame where it's possible (and even likely) to be bumped by a forklift driver.damaged roller door3

If those bits look a bit bent (and a bit expensive) to you, you probably don’t need any other qualification to understand why someone is unhappy with the forklift driver that did this!

damaged roller door2

Why Movidor rapid doors can withstand forklift drivers

1. Movidor has a soft bottom edge, not a metal beam

Any knocks that misshapes a metal beam which mean it will need replacement, or at the very least a call out by the service team (which then requires downtime).

2. Self-repair feature

Movidor rapid doors have been designed to withstand being knocked out of the frame and will self repair on impact. This means that if the curtain is knocked out of its guides, the door can realign the curtain back into the guides. The result is fewer callout fees and less downtime.

3. No moving parts in the frame

Since the door frame can be one of the most knocked-about elements of an opening, why would you want to compromise the opening by having moving parts in the doorframe? That's why Movidor have no moving parts in the frame. 

Movidor can handle most forklift drivers and will take the knocks.

Most of our competitors can't. 

Watch the video below of a forklift driver impacting a Movidor rapid door and how the door responds these knocks. 


Find out more about Movidor rapid doors

The site has now replaced nearly all of their doors to reduce their maintenance costs. It was a costly reminder that not all rapid doors are made equal! For more information, contact us online or to speak with the Remax Doors team immediately, call us on 1800 010 221.

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