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The Buyer's Guide to Warehouse Roller Door Selection

Read this guide to learn what you need to know before you select roller doors for your warehouse

Warehouse doors represent a significant investment and installing a door that doesn't suit your needs will lead to frustration, increased costs and can even be a safety hazard.

Download this guide to learn about the essential factors that should impact your decision on what roller door best suits your needs.

  • Purpose - How to identify the primary purpose of the door

  • Traffic - How to figure out the traffic demands on the door

  • Size - How to choose the minimum necessary size door to reduce costs

  • Power Requirements - How to identify what supplementary power you will need

  • Safety - Identifying the risks and necessary training  associated with each door

  • Durability - Factoring in maintenance and downtime costs and ease of repair

  • Cost - Calculating the total cost of the door, initial price, upkeep, longevity


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